“Keep that music simple…” Dr. John


    “Black music triggered the most important cultural upheaval of the past hundred years. It’s provided us with a whole new grammar of sounds, rhythms and harmonies, as well as a different way of considering others. No human relationship can bear fruits unless it is based on consideration. Otis and Aretha didn’t tell us anything else when they asked for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Lack of consideration is probably the greatest (...)

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    The harp is a musical pen ...

    I was a teenager by the time I became aware that the harmonica had the power to fight injustice and defend freedom. When I first heard Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie or Sonny Terry, I realized that the expression of the inner self depended more on the depth of emotions than on the size of the instrument itself. Later on, I discovered Sonny Boy Williamson’s sensibility, Little Walter’s flamboyance, Stevie Wonder’s inventiveness…

    As far as I’m concerned, the harp is a musical pen, and a cheap one at (...)

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    Blowin’ in the Past

    Le Chant du Monde decided to reissue the recordings I made for them between 1973 and 1983. 4 LPs! I won’t comment the musical quality but it reminded me a lot of souvenirs, good ones and great encounters too. To make things more tasty I added one CD with 27 harp players who build the history of our modest and wonderful instrument all along the XX century. Maybe you missed some of them? (...)

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    J.J. Milteau & Eric Bibb: "Lead Belly’s Gold"

    Tribute to Lead Belly

    When he was discovered in Louisiana’s infamous Angola prison farm back in 1933, little did Lead Belly know that his music would alter the course of his destiny and change the life of the architects of his success, famed folklorists John and Alan Lomax. More to the point, there was no way Lead Belly could have realized that he would become the most famous Black folksinger ever, bringing the attention of millions to the power of the African-American song, well outside (...)

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